Swiss education is marked as elite and prestigious. People who want the best are moving to Switzerland for permanent residence. Comparing this country with others, one should outline a high percentage of investments for education coming from the local authorities.

It is worth admitting, that no matter the state financing situation, all institutions are autonomous. This fact allows them to form and to follow modern educational tendencies of the study process, as well as of the scientific research.

Specifics of the educational system in Switzerland

There is no strictly defined system of educational structure (national, state) in Switzerland. This is because the Swiss Confederation is made up by federal cantons – regions that follow  certain rules and regulations.

Each canton has a personal educational system, that is respectively reflected in the Constitution of the European country. If you want your child to study at any educational institution in Switzerland (kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, universities), you will need to go through certain procedures for enrolling children in a particular educational institution. And if you are a foreigner, then in order to get a positive result, it is better to contact specialists of certain field.

The main pros and cons of education in Switzerland:

+ traditions passed through the times and modern pedagogic methods;

+ education has a good world wide reputation;

+ developed system of inclusive educational process;

+ some universities encourage students who want to work at university while studying or to make a stage in the chosen company;

+ every graduate of the Swiss educational institution is fluent in several foreign languages, has a good job, and can easily find a highly paid job in Europe;

+ government encourages some students with scholarships and grants;


  • children in school are divided according to their abilities to learn teaching material at the early age ;

– some institutions establish high education fee;

– education system is rather complicated and it differs between the cantons;

– before entering any university in Switzerland, you have to take a language exam;

– some universities have competitive exams;

– it is not easy to study at Swiss institutions, students have to spend a lot of time studying.

The educational system of Switzerland reflects the stability of life and the specific democracy features, as well as some political structure particularities. Educational institutions operate completely autonomously, and they develop study programs by themselves.

Despite all factors and short-term crisis situations, the local government provides rather generous financial support for schools, kindergartens, gymnasiums, universities. Each canton has an individual educational program, and highly qualified professors work, using their rich professional skills and abilities.

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