Medical insurance in Switzerland


SGCS company offers competent assistance in obtaining a compulsory health insurance in Switzerland. We provide a large number of services related to emigration to Switzerland.

Thanks to our knowledge, we are able to cope with the different tasks periods of time. Efficiency of our service doesn’t affect the quality of the provided services.

Benefits of Compulsory Health Insurance in Switzerland

Compulsory Health Insurance on the territory of a European country is basic. Citizens living here, regardless of citizenship, must be insured in accordance with the rules of compulsory insurance.

Upon arrival in the country, it is important not to overdue the dates given for insurance. Just  arrived to Switzerland citizens must be insured during 3 months. Otherwise, if medical expenses arise for an expired time period, they will not be compensated.

Swiss health insurance differs from the Russian one in that in Switzerland a person chooses by himself a health insurance fund to transfer his money. The amount of the insurance premium is different and depends on various factors, including the age category:

  • from 0 to 18 y.o.;
  • from 18 to 25 y.o. – students;
  • Other categories of people, aged over 25 y.o.


“SWISS global corporate service” company means quality, tested by time!

Our team works individually with each client turning to us. We investigate all details of the situation carefully and offer optimal solutions. The range of medical services in Switzerland is strictly defined. Health insurance funds fully cover the costs of basic treatment.


Moreover, if your doctor recommends additional medical services, for example, physiotherapy or nutritionist consultation, such services will also be covered. The Swiss are very scrupulous and prudent people, so they try to reduce the costs of basic payments, primarily related to compulsory insurance.

“SWISS global corporate service” company will help you to find the health insurance with the minimum insurance amount. One should note, that this will not affect the quality and the amount of the provided services. The difference can only be noticed in the proposed service.

Our experts will also help with the choice of insurance, which affects the size of the insurance premium. If you have any questions or you want to apply for compulsory health insurance in Switzerland, please contact us, we will definitely assist you!


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