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Switzerland is a country with great opportunities. According to current statistics, a huge number of foreigners from other countries emigrate here annually, and Russia is no exception.

Switzerland has a high standard of living, a favorable environment and well-paid work. That is why, having a decent income and considering many working hours, you can afford to hire a housemaid, and spend your free from work time not for cleaning the apartment (house), but for being together with your beloved family.

Some people think, that it is easy to hire a housemaid, by simply opening a newspaper or an Internet website with related profiles and choose the candidacy. Using such method after a certain period of time person gets disappointed and regrets that he did not talk to the housemaid beforehand.

SGCS is a loyal assistant to people who have moved to Switzerland

A preliminary conversation will help to solve a lot of questions, and another important thing is that it will be clear if the chosen candidate is exactly right for you. If you do not have time searching and hiring a responsible housemaid in Switzerland, just contact “SWISS global corporate service” company.

Our experts will clarify with you the details of the situation and, based on your individual requests, will provide qualified and prompt assistance in hiring a housemaid. Choosing such a person, it is worth realizing that this is not just a cleaner who will help you to cope with organizing things in rooms, it is also a person, who enters your home.

The housemaid is in contact with the inside part of your life and your family. That’s why the housemaid should be chosen with particular attention and thoroughness. We will help you to find a qualified, experienced and considerate housemaid who charges a considerable payment for the  provided services.

Having selected several profiles in the database, we will make an interview if it is needed and we will pay attention to:
  • how a potential housemaid works at home, and with what attitude;
  • what is the candidate’s appearance, gestures and gait;
  • how a potential housekeeper answers the set questions, and whether she is against working under surveillance cameras and so on.

After the end of the interview, we will present you a detailed report, based on which you will certainly be able to choose for yourself the best housemaid in Switzerland for affordable money.


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