Connection of electricity


“SWISS global corporate service” company specializes in solving problems of various kind, with which people face when moving to Switzerland or when they already live here. We will definitely help you with:

  • Getting permanent residence permit;
  • Compulsory health insurance;
  • Search and registration of apartment, office rent;
  • Enrolment of children in the educational institutions;
  • Finding educated, experienced, and reliable nanny for children, etc.

Our professional team provides multi profile support and you can rely on us. If you need to provide electricity in a house, apartment or office, you can easily contact us! If necessary, we will prepare all necessary documentation in the required state institutions.

For a correct installation of wiring, an experienced specialist will work for you. The master strictly follows safety rules and other standards of his work. All required warranties are provided for the performed work.

Electricity connection in the objects, located in Switzerland

Swiss electricity networks have a voltage of 220V, exactly the same as in Russia. Most outlets are made like plugs with round pins, 3 pieces.

Standard electric plugs with two round pins can be found more often among electrical appliances and work pretty well in Switzerland. For the euro plug, you will need an adapter that you can buy or rent in the store and any hotel.

SGCS company is a universal organization that provides a large range of services. As  we see from our practice, every year more and more people move to live in Switzerland on a permanent basis and there are many reasons for this:

  • High level of life;
  • Political and economical stability;
  • Good and diverse system if medical insurance;
  • Loyal legal legislation positive for for business.
Why do many customers contact “SWISS global corporate service” company?
  1. An integrated and personal approach to each person who turn to us.
  2. Detailed knowledge of Swiss legislation.
  3. Long experience in solving different cases, even complex ones.
  4. Total confidence.

We will be happy to provide operative and competent help, just contact us in any comfortable way!


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