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Switzerland has a reputation as a highly developed and prosperous country. It is famous for its unique rich nature, extraordinary traditions and a high level of life. Also, this country is marked with high level of bureaucracy.

That’s why, before applying for something, you need to obtain written permission in a specific state authority. The receipt of such document may be delayed for an indefinite time, due to legal illiteracy and complete ignorance of the current Swiss laws.

“SWISS global corporate service” company is always ready to provide qualified assistance in resolving issues of those who have emigrated to a European country or who plans the emigration. A wide range of services and the quality of our work will certainly make you happy!

Legal connection of communications in Switzerland

After buying a home or renting an apartment, one need to connect communications. Telephone, internet, cable TV are provided by several Swiss companies. Gas and electricity are supplied in state by monopolistic organizations.

If necessary, our professional team will provide information and physical assistance in the legal connection of communications in Switzerland. Masters who install and connect communications have solid experience and relevant professional skills.

Upon your request, SGCS company will help you to arrange mobile subscriptions and provide Internet connection. We have complete information about the conditions that give  Internet providers. We will help you to choose a suitable communication partner and to sign a service agreement offered on mutually beneficial conditions.

The presence of a Swiss telephone number will make it easy to organize convenient tele communication for any commercial issue. We will help you to legally organize and establish confidential, reliable telephone communications, which will differ:

  • In simplicity while exploitation;
  • In flawless work.

If necessary, the existing telephone connection can be expanded and connected to a fax, as well to an automatic telephone communication, which is known for being a multifunctional type of high mobility communication. Contact us and our specialists will choose for you the best solution.



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