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Are you looking for reliable immigration consultants to handle your immigration case? Our reliable specialists - immigration consultants will help you solve the whole range of problems related to immigration and get a positive solution in your case! We work in different areas of immigration.

When you say something about Switzerland, many people immediately have associations of high quality expensive watch, delicious cheese without any harmful ingredients, and reliable bank system. These factors determine the main advantages of this European country:

  • stability;
  • punctuality;
  • well-being.
Immigration to Switzerland

For these reasons, the number of people desiring to have citizenship grows every day. It is worth mentioning, that in the Swiss legislation there are rather complicated provisions, according to which it is necessary to obtain citizenship.

SGCS Relocation company specializes in providing full assistance when moving to Switzerland. Over many years of practice, we have accumulated professional knowledge and skills that allow us to deal with any difficult case. We work with each client individually with a maximum focus on all details of the situation.

«SGCS Relocation» provides a wide range of services related to Swiss immigration policy:
  1. Opening a bank account in Switzerland.

Having business in Switzerland is a profitable idea. However, in order to have full functioning business, it is important to have an active bank account in the mentioned European country.

  1. Assistance in getting a permanent residence permit (issue request).

Our professional team knows all details of legislation of Switzerland. We will provide the requested service correctly, shortly and with a high competence level.

  1. The obligatory Swiss medical care is covered with insurance.

When you collaborate with us you can be sure in your legal and financial security. We will tell you in details about the compensations existing for medical insurance and we will provide you with basic information about the insurance system.

  1. Office search and rental in Switzerland.

We will help you to find an office for affordable price without overpay in a convenient area. When renting an office, we use the federal Code of Compulsory Law.

  1. Apartment search and rental (for company owners and employees – new residents).

Save your personal time and money and contact us. Taking into account your personal wishes and stated goals, our specialists will quickly find and help to conclude a rental agreement for an apartment of a the required square metres.

  1. Providing electricity.

We will help you to solve the problems regarding electricity. Depending on the optimal time period, our qualified masters will arrive at your place and will tell you what scope of works should be done.

  1. Providing communications (mobile connections, internet).

In order to lay and provide engineering communications, it is optimal to use the help of the related specialists. We will select experienced professionals for you in order to competently perform the necessary work.

  1. Interior design.

The mood of all family members depends on the home atmosphere, while the office interior helps to increase the productivity of work.

  1. Meeting with experienced doctors with good reputation.

The health of every family member should always be in perfect condition. If you or someone of your family members need any medical help, we are ready to recommend trusted, highly qualified doctors with a good reputation.

  1. School enrolment.

The Swiss education is marked as a very high level education, that’s why many parents want their children to get their education here. Contact us and we will help to enroll your children.

  1. Help in hiring a babysitter.

As our practice shows, almost all families use the services of babysitter for their children. Our specialists will carefully select a qualified person who can positively affect the upbringing of your children.

  1. Help in hiring a housemaid.

The salary in Switzerland is quite high, therefore, in order to save you time, you can use the services of a housemaid.

Call or write us, we will be happy for our mutual cooperation!



Are you looking for reliable immigration consultants to handle your immigration case? Our certified and reliable professional immigration consultants can help you to solve all variety of problems regarding the immigration to Switzerland and to get a positive decision on your case! We provide services in different fields of immigration.

Immigration to Switzerland

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