Opening a bank account in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the main banking and financial centres worldwide. This country has over 30% of world capital. Credit companies of this country offer a wide range of financial services, and lead active cooperate with legal entities and individuals from any country.

One should admit, that the bank secrecy is strictly followed in Switzerland and foreigners can rely on existing loyal legislation. As we see from our practice, today more and more people get interested in the possibility of opening a bank account in Switzerland for real.

Practice has shown that the risks are much lower compared to national structures. Financial institutions of this European country provide mutually beneficial partnership conditions:

  • affordable interest rates;
  • convenient rules for regulating currency transactions;
  • minimum accounting requirements;
  • profitable tax system.
Qualified assistance in opening a bank account in Switzerland

SWISS global corporate service” company offers qualified assistance in opening a bank account in Switzerland. This procedure may seem to be rather easy at first, but in reality, in order to legally open an account in a Swiss bank, it is important to consider a number of legal aspects.

Our highly qualified specialists will accompany you at every stage of the process. We have acquired rich experience and we have good knowledge of the European legislation. We keep an eye on everything and we are always in line with the new laws.

The SGCS company will help you:
  1. Find an appropriate bank in Switzerland.
  2. Define a type of account:
  • Investment;
  • Operational – convenient when running a company;
  • Saving – helps to save and double funds.
  1. Collect and fill in correctly a required set of documents.
  2. Get in time required documents, bank card, and much more.

If yo turn to us, you will get a detailed consultancy. In order to open a bank account in Switzerland, you will need a passport of the country you currently live in and a foreign passport.

We are always happy to receive your request and to


  • Assist in opening a bank account in Swiss bank;
  • Optimize tax payments;
  • Assist you in obtaining your residence permit and so on.

SWISS global corporate service” company guarantees complete confidentiality of data and professional assistance in opening and accompanying your commercial interests.



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