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Most parents make huge efforts to provide their children with the best education. For that reason, many families move to Switzerland. Moreover, this country is famous for its good ecology and high standard of living.

For many centuries, Switzerland has been known as a country that produces delicious chocolate and that is rich resort areas. Also, many Swiss educational institutions graduates are Nobel laureates.

These famous people were taught by highly educated and experienced teachers who use  innovative principles and teaching methods in working practice.

Enrollment to Swiss schools

Swiss state schools accept Russian children who live permanently in Switzerland with their parents. Private schools accept children from other countries to study, providing them with comfortable accommodation with all facilities.

Specialists of “SWISS global corporate service” company will be happy to help you to enrol children to school. Our professional team specializes in providing qualified, legal and operational assistance to people who live in Switzerland or just planning to move.

When you contact us, we will describe in detail all the nuances of the school curriculum in Switzerland and help you to choose an educational institution. We will search for school in accordance with the requirements of the client and his child. As a rule, in order to enrol child Swiss schools require:

  • Results of the language exam;
  • Medical paper translated into English language;
  • Documents with grades from the previous academic year;
  • If possible, the recommendation from director or teachers from the previous school.

In addition, an interview with a representative of the institution may be arranged.

Benefits of Swiss Education

School teachers in their teaching process rely on modern principles of education. Moreover, teachers have excellent communication skills and they easily find the right approach to each student, especially from another country. Teachers take into account the specific features of the education and training of foreign children.

In elementary school, teachers work with young children applying game approach. Thus, through the game, children develop a great interest for studies, that’s why they deep into this  learning process completely and every day they learn something new.

SGCS company will help you to cope with various tasks. Contact us, we will be happy to help you!


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