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«SWISS global corporate service» company specializes in providing a full service for people emigrating to Switzerland. You can contact us and our specialists will give you required consultation and answer all your questions.

One of the main specialisations of our company is a company registration in Switzerland. Over a long practice of work, we have acquired relevant knowledge and skills, which allow us to cope with the set tasks varying in difficulty and urgency. The efficiency of performance doesn’t affect the quality of the provided services.

Distant registration of a company in Switzerland

«SGCS» company:

  1. Track all the changes in the legislation of Switzerland. That’s why we help in company registration in Switzerland in strict accordance with the modern laws of European countries.
  2. Provides professional assistance in the preparation of basic documentation for the registration of a Swiss company.

We provide services for registration of a company in Switzerland. Starting a business in Switzerland with us is easy, legal and convenient. The aim of establishing a Swiss company are determined by the founder.

Our experts will help you to make the right choice of legal company form. This form will affect a number of registration requirements, for example, there are special requirements applied to establish a Swiss company Sàrl varying from another a company forms.


The benefits of organizing business in Switzerland for Russian people

Switzerland is one of the largest financial centres in Europe. Over 40% of world capital is concentrated in the territory of this country.

The banking sphere includes numerous institutions, the level of development of which provides an excellent opportunity for companies in opening their representative offices. In Switzerland, the offshore zone is not developed. This European country has signed an agreement with several countries regarding the elimination of double taxation.

In accordance with Swiss law, foreign citizens have the right to run business in Switzerland and to register selected forms of Swiss companies.

Registration and getting services for company in Switzerland have a number of advantages:
  • tax incentives;
  • developed and modern banking sphere;
  • confidentiality;
  • loyal legislation;
  • financially profitable and economical infrastructure.


Having a running company in Switzerland, your chances of making mutually beneficial cooperation with international partners significantly increase.

As we can judge from our experience, the most spread company registration form in Switzerland is SA company (joint-stock company). If you want to open your own, successful business in a prosperous country, contact us. We are happy to provide qualified assistance in registering a Swiss company in remote way.

Each of our customers is very important to us. We work to archive result and find personal approach to each individual who turns to us. We value the acquired reputation and make every effort to provide service at a professional level.

The main nuances of registering a company in Switzerland

If you have decided to opening a Swiss company, it is not necessary for you to live permanently on the territory of this country. However, for successful business development you will need competent and objective legal support on a regular basis.

“SWISS global corporate service” company offers a wide number of services required when opening a company:

  1. We deal with each case from A to Z.
  2. We provide detailed consultation with explanation of all pros and cons of each particular situation.
  3. We analyze in detailed way the actual state of company of the customer.
  4. We provide help in filling the forms, as well as in collecting the required documents.
  5. We pass all the documents to the registration office by the authorised representative of our company.
  6. If needed, we provide regular legal support on a regular basis.

«SGCS» company cares about your wellbeing!


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