One of the options for immigration to Switzerland is to start business in this country. This European country invites investors and that greatly simplifies relocation and further obtaining of  residence permit.

One should mention that these options are more relevant to entrepreneurs who plan to make impressive investments in the country’s economy and have interesting, unique ideas not only for creating, but also for developing a commercial sphere.

The availability of a legal address in Switzerland increases the trust level from foreign partners. This European country is considered a good place for fund saving and doing business.


Main pros and cons of starting business in Switzerland

+ prestigious and transparent jurisdiction;

+ opportunity to attract investments from international funds;

+ reliable local authorities support;


– necessity to have a working permission;

– suspicious investors;

– high expenses to perform commercial activity.

Entrepreneur activity in Switzerland

Comparing to other developed countries, Switzerland has the highest credit rating – AAA. In this country, the percentage of crime and corruption is minimal. If you have a bank account, you can be absolutely sure about your future.

If you want to register your business, you should deal with it in responsible and careful manner. The whole process is carried out in several basic steps:

  1. Create business plan establishing a company legal type (AG or GmbH).
  2. Apply request to the Business Support Center of the Swiss Embassy.
  3. Create deposit bank account.
  4. Transfer of a certain amount of basic funds to your bank account.
  5. Prepare document kit and certify it by notary for company registration.
Main profitable business spheres:
  • finance service;
  • tourism;
  • pharmacy and medicine;
  • innovations and modern technologies;

Each financial company operating in Switzerland strictly complies with generally accepted norms of local legislation and follows the existing rules of bank commission. Switzerland is a small state with 600 active bank institutions.

The punctuality of Swiss affects all aspects of life: family, work, education and so on. If you have a scheduled meeting with a partner, he will come exactly at the agreed time, not a minute earlier, nor later. Business partners are firm in their decision and rather straightforward.

Locals are pedantic and they respect the work of others. Despite social well-being, the Swiss are very attentive and cautious. One should mention, that they are taught to follow these rules right from school. The country has a high living standard, but despite that fact, they are not addicted to wealth. Locals prefer silence, tranquility and care a lot about nature.

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