Many people think about relocation rather often. It is interesting, that most of them chose European countries. As usual, while choosing a place for emigration, such factors are taken into account:

  • ecology;
  • economical stability;
  • social well-being and so on.

If we will assume the aspects listed below, Switzerland is a perfect place. Many people want to move here, so they can live in the center of Europe in the safe and secure state, where one can find a lot of opportunities.

However, how we see from our practise, the immigration regulations are strict ad in order to follow the rules you need to be patient and better if you will have the professional assistance who will deal with all main immigration questions.

The process of getting documents for permanent residence

Some people, who have moved to Switzerland, might not get citizenship, however, their children born in the country will get citizenship. There are several ways to emigrate to this popular country:

  • Get a permit for a temporary work;
  • Get a vacancy of a qualified specialist with a preliminary issued working visa;
  • Move as entrepreneur.

Touristic Swiss visa will let you stay a restricted time period without the right of buying property or working. In order to stay legally on the territory of the European state you need to get visa type A, B, or C. Each type of visa gives certain privileges to their holder.

In order to stay in this country for living, you need to follow common visa regulations, rules, and standards. Swiss labour market is focused on their local citizens at the first place, and then it considered foreign candidates.

Types of visa for Switzerland:
  1. Visa A allows you to come to the state and find a job for a position that does not require special knowledge. This permission allows to stay in the country only for the applicant, not for members of his family. Visa A is valid for 9 months, after which it is necessary to return home. You can make the next entry no earlier than in 3 months.
  2. Visa B is considered a common permit, which is issued to many foreigners who wish to have a temporary residence permit in a European country with the subsequent opportunity to apply for a permanent residence.
  3. Visa C is entitled to citizens who have lived in Switzerland for more than 12 years and have a total work experience of working there of at least 10 years. This permit allows people to stay permanently in the country.

You can also emigrate to Switzerland having the official invitation letter from local employer. Based on this letter, you can apply for visa B which gives the right to emigrate to Switzerland with all your family members.

According to the actual statistical information, the level of life is rather high comparing to other European states. Education in this country is distinguished with high quality and graduates from the local institutions are highly appreciated on the labor market.

SGCS Relocation company offers comprehensive qualified assistance for those who  emigrate to Switzerland. We can provide efficient solution for even very difficult situations no matter how urgent they are. Contact us, we will be happy to help you, too!

The residents of Switzerland can boast with unlimited opportunities for leisure, self-realization, for visiting Europe and all Schengen countries.

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