Family Immigration to Switzerland

Many people call Switzerland a magical and fabulous country that has a high standard of living. Most tourists from different parts of the world after first visit to this European country start thinking about moving here.

In any case, before making a final decision, it is necessary to consider all pros and cons. The main pros and cons of moving to Switzerland are the following:

+ pleasant ecological conditions;

+ high salaries;

+ developed economy;

+ high level of education and health system;

+ strict following of laws;


– difficulties in obtaining residence permit;

– problems in job search;

– complicated process in apartment rental.

Competent assistance in immigration to Switzerland

Turning to SGCS Relocation Company, you can be sure in receiving a detailed consultation  and getting the service at a high professional level. Our team of qualified professionals works to show the result with full responsibility and in completely transparent manner.

We will be happy to assist you in making family immigration to Switzerland or start business here. A small but perspective country attracts people not only because of the benefits of civilization and lifestyle, but also because of pure, really untouched nature.

That is why if you have decided to move with your family to Switzerland, just turn to us, we will help to make your dream come true and we will deal with all document issues. We guarantee each client an individual approach and comprehensive legal assistance.

What are the legal issues in immigrating to Switzerland?

Before starting to prepare documents for family emigration to Switzerland, our specialists will explain in details why many Russians and residents of the CIS countries associate  Switzerland with a prosperous life, and they will share practical advice related to happy life in this popular European country.

Migration to Switzerland can have family or commercial motive. We always keep an eye on the latest and current legislation updates of the foreign state. It is worth saying, that Swiss laws are distinguished by a high level of severity and they are rather strict, but we will be happy to go through the whole process of family emigration with you.

Obtaining a residence permit and Swiss citizenship

Permanent residence permit is issued after 10 years of living in the country in the status of temporary resident. Residence permit is extended every year for a 10-year period. You can reduce this time by registering a marriage with a citizen of a European country.

For children from 10 to 20 years old, each year will be counted as 2. Living in Switzerland as a permanent resident for more than 2 years gives the right to obtain Swiss citizenship. In case of marriage or family reunion, local legislation provides a simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit with the further possibility of obtaining Swiss citizenship.

The registered marriage must be real, not fake. Migration officers monitor this fact very carefully and scrupulously. When the fake marriage situation is confirmed, the foreign citizen pays a huge fine and is deported to his home country without any delays.

Children who are born in Switzerland or who have one of their parents with Swiss citizenship have the automatic right to obtain Swiss citizenship.

If you have any questions, or you would like to submit an application for registration of family immigration to Switzerland, please use the contacts provided on the website or the feedback form.


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