Business Immigration to Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful and amazing country, which is situated in the heart of the Alps mountain system. This European country is associated with financial reliability, and is also the main indicator of trends of the ski and resort sectors. Switzerland attracts with its:

  • unique nature landscapes;
  • clean and tiny villages in Alps;
  • attractive Zurich;
  • secure system of banking institutions;
  • large variety of architectural monuments.

Emigration to this European country can be characterised as rather selective, due to the expensive, high standard of living and the existing difficulties in obtaining a residence permit (C).

SGCS Relocation company will be happy to provide competent and in-time assistance with immigration to Switzerland. We have been successfully operating in this niche for several years and thanks to our experience we cope with tasks of various difficulty. Efficiency of our work doesn’t effect the quality of the provided services.

Switzerland is not rich in natural resources and does not deal with large industrial production, but this country offers a number of privileges related to tax reduction, a better banking system, and offshore zones.

Step-by-step procedure for registering business immigration to Switzerland:
  1. Legal registration of the company.

This stage takes approximately 2 weeks. The necessary documents are collected, the company is registered and fixed in all necessary state institutions, paying all state taxes.

While preparing documents and making applications, there are several issues to discuss, like  the number of founders, the name, activities of the company and the legal address of its location.

The legislation of Switzerland allows to launch a commercial business from scratch or to buy already existing company. If you are interested in buying a business focused on any sphere, we will also be happy to provide detailed consultation and to answer your questions.

  1. Obtaining a residence permit.

The entire stage usually takes no more than 4-5 months. It is necessary to pay state taxes and to prepare relevant documents. After receiving a residence permit, the founder and his family become the Swiss citizens (spouse, children, parents).

Residence permit is prolonged every year until the expiration of a ten-year period. After that, it is possible to get a permanent residence permit. Then after 2 years pass, it is possible to get a Swiss passport.

For the emigration purposes, “SGCS Relocation” Company will register you company in the European country in the city you like :
  • GMbH (SARL) – like Russian type of Limited Liability Company. The basic capital starts with 20 000 francs, the number of founders is 1-3 people;
  • AG (SA) – like Russian type of Joint stock company. The basic capital starts with 100 000 francs, the number of founders starts from 3 and more people;
  • If needed, an official representative office of your company will be opened in Switzerland.
Rights of immigrant entrepreneur in Switzerland:
  • obtaining a residence permit (B) or an unlimited residence permit (C) for the entrepreneur and his close relatives (wife / husband, children, parents) with the possibility of subsequent registration of citizenship;
  • leading a legal business activity in both any canton, and on the EU territory;
  • selling services and/or products under the Swiss label;
  • Opening accounts and getting a loan in Swiss banks.

Turn to our specialists as our professional SGCS Relocation managers have significant working experience of getting permanent residence permit and citizenship for entrepreneurs from Russia and other CIS countries.



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